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Tribe Midwifery

Tribe Midwifery

 I am eternally grateful to have experienced Debbie’s care throughout my first pregnancy, birth and postpartum period. She has a nurturing, motherly quality to her - and exudes nothing but trust in the process of birth. Debbie is extremely skilled and so passionate about what she does!

All of my visits with Debbie exceeded any and all expectations for a care provider. She offered my family unwavering support, helped us to make informed decisions, and helped me to trust myself and my own instincts as a new mother. A gift that keeps giving to this day, years later.

Debbie is also one of the reasons why I decided to become a birthworker myself - and now that I have supported many births with different care providers, my appreciation has deepened for the way that Debbie approaches midwifery care with such integrity. She is exceptional!

Debbie was such a blessing to my family as we welcomed our sweet baby girl.

She provided great care throughout our prenatal, birthing and postnatal experience.

We are forever grateful for Ms Debbie!

We've had three babies in Debbie's care and are sad that we won't have more because we won't get to see her anymore!

She has become part of our family and we absolutely love her.

During my last labor she was the only one who got through to me and managed to make me try different things to progress and of course she was right and they did!

Her no BS approach is just what I need and I absolutely adore that she respects my sovereignty, intuition, and right to make my own decisions while also keeping it safe. That's not always an easy path to walk but she walks it beautifully.

​Lots of love and respect, Debbie!

​Debbie's care reminded us that bringing a child into the family is an addition rather than a subtraction.

​Because of her care model, our older kids felt like they were needed rather than excluded in the process of welcoming their baby sister.

​My family and I absolutely love Debbie!

Not only did she provide thoughtful care for me as I progressed through my pregnancy she also made my husband and son feel supported as we waited for the arrival of our second child.

We could text or call her with any of our concerns and we always received a quick and caring response that immediately calmed us.

I never felt rushed in any of our visits but felt heard and loved, I knew my baby and I were in the best of hands. Our daughter arrived a week past her due date and while we anxiously waited for her, Debbie reminded me that my due date was only an estimate and that everything was perfectly fine, she checked in with me almost daily in those final moments.

​Her approach during my labor was gentle and also firm when I needed it, in the final hours I was getting very tired and Debbie reminded me to breathe, assuring me with each contraction we were indeed getting closer (because I didn't feel like we were!). When our baby girl was born, Debbie took care of both of us with such sweet attention, making sure my needs were still being met as well.

​Debbie is the best at what she does and we are honored to have her in our lives! 

Debbie Allen is a gift.
Pure and simple. Her confidence in her God given gifts and talents enabled me to lean into my own power as a woman to birth my child in the way I’d always dreamed; at home in my tub with my family.

​I pray God gives me the opportunity to do it all over again and if He does, Debbie will be my first call. 

Debbie's care is unconditional. We immediately felt connected to Debbie because she took the time to listen, always answering with endless patience.

Her deep compassion, joy and love carried us through the transition into first time parenthood.

​Debbie is family and we are eternally grateful to have her in our lives.

Debbie is an integral part of our village now. There is no greater love than that of sacrifice and from our very first introduction to one another, we felt a sense of family, love and safety.

To advocate for someone the way she does while also being incredibly attentive, gentle, and graceful is nothing short of miraculous in the matter of childbirth.

We officially dubbed her our child's "Fairy God-Muva" because she likely wouldn't have made it without Debbie.

We love you soul much Debbie and because of you feel safe enough to do it all over again.

​Thank you for doing what you do … with love, integrity and passion.

Debbie, our incredible midwife, is a true gift from above.

My family will forever be grateful for the way she loved and cared for us. With immeasurable patience and grace, Debbie consistently reassured my strength and silenced any doubt that tried to creep in throughout my pregnancy. With discernment and incredible skill, she guided me to birth my beautiful and healthy baby girl, creating an experience that will forever be cherished in our hearts.

Beyond her expertise as a midwife, what made the journey even more memorable was the laughter we shared together. Debbie's warmth and sense of humor brought joy to every moment, making the whole process feel like visiting a close friend.

We could never say thank you enough for the way she has blessed us, and for that, we will be forever grateful. The Chiltons

I feel extremely lucky and privileged to have received prenatal and postpartum care from Debbie Allen. Choosing Debbie as my home birth midwife was one of the easiest decisions I’ve ever made. Under Debbie’s care I was able to have my dream home birth experience. 

For starters, Debbie is one of the most wonderful people I’ve ever met. She is gentle and confident. She’s astute with a great sense of humor. Her presence throughout my entire perinatal care was warm, grounding and healing. And on the day of birth, there was never a moment where I felt unsafe or unheard. Debbie helped me get out of my head and release any expectations about how a birth “should” be.

​Debbie helped me find my own power as a woman and mother and I truly think this helped set up a restorative postpartum experience. 

I fell in love with Mama Debbie's energy from the first time I met her!
​I am forever grateful for the time and care she gave me for both my pregnancies 

To describe our experience in one word is difficult but would be nothing short of spectacular.

To describe our feelings towards Debbie would be immense gratitude. My pregnancy experience was seamless and looking back at labor, Debbie was our trusted guide and we both truly believe we could not have gone through everything we did without her.

Throughout the entire process, not once did we feel uneasy or alone. If we could do it over again, 100%, without a doubt, Debbie would be our first phone call.

​We have a beautiful daughter and we are forever in debt to Debbie for helping bring her safely into the world.

Honorable Mention

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