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Tribe Midwifery

Tribe Midwifery

Debbie Allen LM, CPM  
Founder of Tribe Midwifery 

Debbie's Calling:

During the hospital birth of my first son, I experienced unnecessary interventions and more significantly, a lack of the tenderness and intimacy I consider fundamental to childbirth. When I found myself pregnant again, the prospect
​of another hospital birth didn't resonate with my spirit. Although, in 1995, alternatives were limited I actively sought out Midwifery care.  

My second and third sons entered the world in my home, surrounded by
​loved ones and assisted by midwives. The incredibly beautiful and empowering experience of those home births ignited my passion to advocate for education and informed choices during pregnancy and postpartum.  This passion led me to offer Doula services, Childbirth Education  eventually guiding me towards a career in midwifery.

In 2008 I decided to study Midwifery - which I did in California, Utah, and Florida.   I am a member of the National Association of Certified Professional Midwives and California Association of Midwives

We are committed to honoring each family's choice to birth in a safe and supportive environment.
We feel it is an honor and privilege to witness a baby take their first breath, couples become families, and children become siblings.

We offer midwifery services in our office or your home.
We are committed to supporting you throughout your birth experience and beyond. Forever part of our Tribe. 

​​The Tribe Practice: 

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