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Tribe Midwifery

Tribe Midwifery

Tribe Midwifery


We support and celebrate the many choices expectant parents must make in creating a birth story that represents them. With high-level medical & midwifery training we integrate both medical and holistic care into our practice.

Tribe Midwifery welcomes all birth plans and preferences. We listen to your concerns and work in an evidenced-based midwife model of care, integrating the latest research to give you exactly the support you need to feel prepared and confident on the day you meet your beautiful  baby.


We view pregnancy and childbirth as sacred experiences and we are dedicated to providing support to families during this transformative journey.  Our mission is to ensure you feel empowered and cared for throughout your time in our care. 

We firmly believe in the boundless wisdom of the human body, and our purpose is to nurture and guide that instinctual intelligence.  

​We are honored to extend our services to the expansive community of growing families in the greater Los Angeles area.


Our commitment is to serve ALL  families!

Our commitment to providing excellent care has created a beautiful village.

 We are always there for you far beyond the birth of your baby. 

Our clients are forever part of our Tribe!

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